CBD and dog mobilitySeeing your once active dog struggle to stand up or climb stairs can be heartbreaking. Mobility issues like arthritis, injuries and age can rob dogs of their agility and independence. But CBD may lend a helping paw.

Research indicates CBD supports mobility in dogs by reducing joint inflammation, pain, and stiffness. Keep reading to learn how CBD could help your dog get a leg up.

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Causes of Mobility Issues in Dogs

Some common causes of mobility problems in dogs include:

  • Arthritis – Joint inflammation and cartilage wear from osteoarthritis.
  • Injuries – Torn ACLs, hip dysplasia, torn CCLs, broken bones.
  • Obesity – Excess weight strains joints and causes inflammation.
  • Aging – Age-related muscle loss and joint degeneration.
  • Illnesses – Diabetes, cancer, Lyme disease can impair mobility.

No matter the cause, lost mobility means lost quality of life for dogs. The good news is CBD could help.

How Can CBD Support Mobility in Dogs?

Research indicates CBD may improve mobility by:

  • Reducing inflammation – CBD stabilizes white blood cells and blocks inflammatory proteins.
  • Relieving pain – CBD activates pain-numbing receptors in the brain and body.
  • Slowing cartilage loss – The antioxidants in CBD may protect cartilage.
  • Increasing range of motion – CBD lubricates joints and relaxes stiff muscles.
  • Stimulating nerves – CBD may protect nerves from further damage.

By addressing multiple facets of mobility, CBD can get old or injured dogs moving smoothly again.

Choosing the Best CBD Format

CBD oils, treats, capsules and topicals can all support mobility. But oils and treats tend to work the best.

CBD oils allow precise dosing and fast absorption. Look for full spectrum oils for maximum benefits.

CBD treats provide daily mobility support through CBD plus joint-friendly ingredients like glucosamine.

Always choose organic CBD from companies that provide third-party testing. Consult your vet on proper dosage for your dog.

Lifestyle Tips for Improving Mobility

CBD can provide significant mobility relief for dogs, but combining it with certain lifestyle changes may have an even greater impact:

  • Weight management – Excess weight strains joints. Keep your dog lean.
  • Exercise – Low-impact exercise like swimming maintains joint health.
  • Massage – Massaging sore joints boosts circulation and flexibility.
  • Physical therapy – Working with a canine PT builds strength and balance.
  • Assistive gear – Harnesses, ramps, orthotics support weak joints.
  • Joint supplements – Glucosamine, omega-3s lubricate joints.
  • Acupuncture – Acupuncture increases mobility by reducing pain.

A multifaceted approach is key to maximizing mobility and quality of life for your dog.

Let Your Dog Run Free Again With CBD

Seeing your once lively companion struggle to stand or walk can be disheartening. But it doesn’t have to spell the end of an active lifestyle for your dog. Consider adding CBD to provide joint and nerve support, ease pain, and get your four-legged friend moving with ease again.

With CBD and a proactive treatment plan, your dog can continue to fetch, walk, run and play by your side for years to come. Give your pup’s mobility a leg up with CBD today!


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