CBD for older catsIs your senior cat starting to slow down? Are they struggling with stiff joints, trouble jumping, and lack of mobility? As cats age, painful arthritis often develops and impacts their quality of life.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is emerging as a safe supplement that may help ease arthritis discomfort in older cats.

Read on to learn how CBD could provide gentle relief and make your senior cat’s golden years more comfortable.

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Arthritis and Older Cats

Arthritis is very common in geriatric cats as cartilage breaks down and inflammation develops in joints. Signs of feline arthritis include:

  • Reluctance to jump up or down
  • Difficulty using litter box
  • Decreased activity and play
  • Less grooming
  • Irritability if touched near sore joints
  • Limping or lameness
  • Crying out occasionally from pain

These changes happen gradually but significantly impact mobility and quality of life. CBD may provide soothing relief without side effects.

CBD for Feline Arthritis

Extensive anecdotal evidence indicates CBD can improve arthritis symptoms in dogs and cats by:

  • Reducing inflammatory pain and swelling
  • Increasing comfort and mobility
  • Improving sleep quality
  • Easing anxiety linked to chronic pain

While research is still limited, owners report excellent results using CBD to support joint health in older pets.

How CBD Eases Pain

CBD is thought to ease arthritis pain through several mechanisms:

  • Interacting with CB2 receptors involved in immune regulation and pain perception
  • Reducing inflammatory compounds that exacerbate arthritis
  • Increasing natural endocannabinoid anandamide levels
  • Disrupting pain signal transmission

This multifaceted approach provides soothing relief without the gastrointestinal and liver side effects of common arthritis medications.

Choosing CBD Products for Cats

Look for broad or full-spectrum CBD extracted from organically grown hemp. Potency and ingredients should be formulated specifically for cats.

Some top products for feline arthritis include:

CBD oils – Administer drops directly into the mouth or mix with food.

CBD treats – Soft chews appeal to finicky cats.

CBD capsules – Can be inserted into food or treats.

CBD balms – Rub on sore joints providing localized relief.

Water additives – Drops of CBD in drinking water.

Combining a few methods can help tailor the optimal dosage for your cat. Always start with small amounts and gradually increase every few days until you notice improvement.

Effective Dosage for Cats

Proper dosing is key as cats are small animals. 1-2 mg per dose 1-2x daily is typically recommended. For arthritis relief:

  • Under 9 lbs – Start with 1 mg CBD
  • 10-15 lbs – Start with 1.5 mg CBD
  • Over 15 lbs – Start with 2 mg CBD

After a week with no side effects, increase dosage slowly to twice the starting amount. Most cats only need 3-6 mg CBD per day.

What to Expect – Gradual Results

Patience is important when using CBD for cat arthritis. It may take 4-6 weeks of steady CBD dosing to see significant effects.

Gradually you may notice:

  • Increased mobility and activity
  • Less stiffness and limping
  • Improved appetite and sleep
  • Enhanced pain tolerance
  • Less aggressive behavior when touched

Track symptoms daily to monitor changes. Adjust dosage every 4-6 weeks if needed.

Potential Side Effects

CBD is very well tolerated but cats may experience:

  • Drowsiness at first but usually subsides in 1-2 weeks
  • Diarrhea or vomiting if dosage is too high

Reduce dosage or frequency if these occur. Seek vet advice if side effects persist. Most cats quickly adjust to CBD with no issues.

Holistic Arthritis Support

While CBD can ease discomfort, a holistic approach works best long-term:

  • Encourage exercise like short walks or playing
  • Use ramps and stairs to reduce jumping
  • Provide an orthopedic bed for proper rest
  • Maintain lean body weight to reduce joint stress
  • Feed an anti-inflammatory diet high in omegas

CBD combined with lifestyle management helps cats stay active and comfortable as they age.

Ask Your Vet About CBD

Always consult your veterinarian before trying CBD for the first time. Discuss proper dosing based on your cat’s weight and symptoms.

Together you can decide if CBD is the right arthritis support option for your aging kitty. With the right CBD regimen tailored to your cat, it can enhance their activity and quality of life well into their senior years.