CBD for a chill catHas your cat been acting more stressed or anxious lately? Have they been agitated, overgrooming, or showing other signs of discomfort? CBD (cannabidiol) may be able to help calm your feline friend.

CBD is a compound derived from cannabis plants that does not cause a high. An emerging body of research indicates CBD offers a variety of potential wellness benefits for cats, including helping with common issues like anxiety, pain, and seizures.

If your cat seems tense or on edge frequently, adding some CBD to their routine could help provide the tranquility we all want for our furry companions. Read on to learn more about using CBD for cats with anxiety.

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What Causes Anxiety in Cats?

Cats can experience anxiety for many reasons. Some common triggers include:

  • Changes in their environment or routine
  • Loud noises like thunderstorms or fireworks
  • Travel like car rides in crates
  • Conflict with other household pets
  • Pain or illness
  • Negative experiences like abuse or neglect

Anxious cats may exhibit behaviors like:

  • Hiding or isolation
  • Aggression like biting or scratching
  • Excessive grooming to the point of overgrooming or hair loss
  • Reduced appetite or digestive issues
  • Restlessness, pacing, vocalizing
  • Inappropriate urination around the home

If your cat is displaying these types of anxious behaviors frequently, CBD may help provide some relief.

How Can CBD Help With Cat Anxiety?

Research shows CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in mammals. The ECS regulates various bodily functions including mood, pain perception, and anxiety levels.

In simple terms, CBD can positively modulate the ECS to:

  • Decrease anxiety
  • Improve mood
  • Reduce pain and inflammation
  • Have a calming effect

For cats with chronic stress or anxious tendencies, CBD oil may help them feel more relaxed and content.

Choosing the Best CBD Products for Your Cat

If you want to try CBD for your anxious feline, you have options like oils, treats, capsules, and topicals. Oils or treats are the easiest ways to administer CBD to cats. When choosing a product, look for:

✔️ Organic CBD – This ensures no pesticides or toxins

✔️ Third-party lab tested – Ensures the CBD purity and potency

✔️ Made for pets – Products formulated specifically for cats or pets are best

✔️ Limited ingredients – Avoid additives like artificial flavors or sweeteners

High quality CBD from a reputable brand can make all the difference. Consult your veterinarian if you have questions about CBD safety.

Dosing CBD Oil for Cat Anxiety

Cats are sensitive to CBD, so proper dosing is key. Always start with a very low dose and gradually increase to the optimal amount that provides effects.

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When first starting CBD, good baseline dosing guidelines are:

  • 1-5 lbs: 1.5 mg CBD per dose
  • 5-10 lbs: 3 mg CBD per dose
  • 10-15 lbs: 4.5 mg CBD per dose

Start on the lower end of the range for your cat’s weight. Give them the CBD dose 1-2 times daily.

Monitor your cat’s reaction for several weeks and slowly increase the dose every few days if needed. Work up to the higher end of the dosage range if you don’t see effects.

Be patient – it may take 4-6 weeks of consistent CBD dosing to see a noticeable difference in their anxiety levels.

CBD Oils Cats Love

CBD oils designed specifically for cats make dosing straightforward. The oil can be dropped directly into your cat’s mouth or mixed with their food.

Some top-rated CBD oils for cats with anxiety include:

  • HolistaPet CBD Pet Tincture – Organic, full-spectrum CBD oil with cat dosing guidelines
  • Pet Hemp Company CBD Oil for Pets – All-natural CBD oil made from organic hemp
  • CBDistillery Relief + Relax CBD Oil – CBD isolate oil with added calming herbs

Always read dosing instructions carefully and start with small amounts. Monitor your cat to ensure the CBD oil is tolerable.

Tasty CBD Cat Treats

If your cat dislikes taking CBD oil, try feline-friendly CBD treats instead. Some popular options include:

  • HolistaPet CBD Cat Treats – Soft chews with catnip and salmon oil
  • Pet Hemp Company CBD Cat Treats – Tempting treats with turkey or salmon flavors
  • CBDFX Calming Cat Treats – Bite-sized treats with CBD and chamomile

Start with half or one treat daily. Gradually increase to 1-2 treats as needed to achieve anxiety relief.

Other Ways to Administer CBD

Oils and treats make giving CBD easy but there are other methods too:

  • CBD capsules – Can be inserted into food or treats
  • CBD gels – Applied on the inner ear for absorption
  • CBD balms – Massage balms onto paw pads
  • Water additives – Drops of CBD can be added to drinking water

Try different products to determine which your cat tolerates best. Combining methods can also help reach the appropriate dosage.

What to Expect When Giving Your Cat CBD

While CBD is generally very safe, there are a few things to keep in mind when first starting out:

  • Gradual effects – It may take days or weeks to see a reduction in anxiety. Be consistent and patient with CBD.
  • Drowsiness – Some cats get sleepy when first using CBD. Effects should normalize over time.
  • Lowered anxiety – You may notice less anxious behaviors like hiding, agitation, inappropriate urination, etc.
  • Improved mood – Your cat may seem more social, playful, and content overall.
  • Increased appetite – CBD can have appetite stimulating effects. Ensure proper diet and exercise.

Monitor for side effects and adjust the dosage down if lethargy or diarrhea occurs. Consult your vet if side effects persist.

Bring Peace and Calm to Your Anxious Cat

While anxiety can happen to any cat, CBD offers a natural way to help minimize stressful behaviors and triggers. By stimulating their endocannabinoid system and regulating the body’s stress response, quality CBD can help your cat feel more relaxed and at ease.

If your feline friend seems frequently agitated, talk to your veterinarian about adding CBD to their routine. With the proper dosage and delivery method, CBD can help your cat purr with contentment once again.