CBD and dog cancerA cancer diagnosis is devastating news for both pets and pet parents. But before you lose hope, know this: CBD could offer real help for dogs battling cancer.

Research shows CBD possesses powerful anti-tumor properties. When paired with conventional treatments, it may provide much-needed relief to canine cancer patients. Read on to learn how CBD can make cancer suck a little less for your pooch.

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How Does CBD Help Dogs With Cancer?

The compounds in CBD like CBDa and CBG have been shown to:

  • Shrink tumors: CBD inhibits cancer cell growth and prevents tumors from spreading.
  • Ease pain: CBD activates pain-relieving receptors to alleviate discomfort.
  • Reduce inflammation: CBD stabilizes white blood cells and suppresses inflammatory proteins.
  • Increase appetite: CBD stimulates appetite hormones so dogs keep eating.
  • Stop nausea: CBD reduces nausea and vomiting from treatments like chemotherapy.
  • Lessen anxiety: CBD calms anxious pups to help them stay relaxed.

While more studies are needed, current research confirms CBD’s major benefits for managing canine cancer symptoms.

Choosing the Right CBD Products

CBD treats, oils, capsules, and topicals can all provide comfort to canine cancer patients. But oils and treats tend to work best.

CBD oils allow precise dosage control and rapid absorption for quick relief. Full spectrum oils provide maximum therapeutic effects.

CBD treats are an easy way to get daily CBD for cancer support. Look for soft treats to accommodate tender mouths.

Always buy from reputable brands that third-party test for safety and label CBD concentrations accurately. Consult your vet on proper dosing.

Combining CBD With Conventional Cancer Treatments

While promising, CBD should not replace conventional cancer care for dogs. Using it alongside traditional treatments like surgery, chemo, and radiation provides the best outcome.

Here’s how CBD complements these standard therapies:

  • Surgery: CBD reduces pain and inflammation post-op.
  • Chemotherapy: CBD alleviates chemo side effects like nausea and appetite loss.
  • Radiation: CBD soothes radiation-induced skin damage and pain.
  • Immunotherapy: CBD may help enhance the immune system to better target cancer.

Talk to your vet about the ideal time to administer CBD with other treatments for maximum relief. An integrative approach is key.

Lifestyle Tips for Dogs With Cancer

In addition to CBD and conventional treatments, making certain lifestyle adjustments can further help dogs battling cancer:

  • Diet: Fresh, whole foods high in protein and omega-3s support healing.
  • Supplements: Turmeric, vitamins C and E have anti-cancer properties.
  • Weight management: Excess weight taxes the immune system. Keep your pup lean.
  • Moderate exercise: Short leash walks provide gentle activity to boost mood.
  • Massage: Soothing massage promotes relaxation and wellbeing.
  • Acupuncture: Acupuncture relieves pain, nausea, and inflammation.
  • Stress management: Limiting stress with calming routines promotes health.

Every little bit helps when fighting the big C. A multi-pronged approach is ideal.

Giving Hope to Pups With Cancer

Cancer can seem like an automatic death sentence for dogs. But with CBD and a comprehensive treatment plan, there is hope. Remission and long-term survival are possible.

If your furry family member gets dealt the cancer card, don’t give up the fight. Talk to your vet about adding CBD to provide comfort and give your pup the best chance of beating the beast.


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