CBD for dog arthritis

Stiffness, limping, difficulty standing – osteoarthritis plagues many aging dogs. But CBD may be able to lend arthritic joints a helping paw.

Studies show CBD can significantly reduce arthritis pain and inflammation in dogs thanks to its effects on the endocannabinoid system. Keep reading to learn how CBD can get old dogs moving freely again.

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What Causes Arthritis in Dogs?

Arthritis in dogs stems from both age-related wear and specific conditions like:

  • Obesity – excess weight strains joints
  • Injuries – ACL tears, hip dysplasia
  • Genetics – larger breeds prone to arthritis
  • Immune disease – rheumatoid arthritis
  • Infection – Lyme disease

No matter the cause, the result is inflamed, painful joints that restrict mobility and quality of life. But CBD can help.

How CBD Eases Arthritic Pain and Inflammation

Research indicates CBD alleviates arthritic joints by:

  • Suppressing inflammatory proteins that stimulate pain receptors
  • Activating glycine receptors involved in pain regulation
  • Stimulating receptors that increase mobility
  • Reducing cytokine production to decrease inflammation
  • Slowing degeneration of cartilage

This broad anti-inflammatory action provides more complete relief than single-mechanism prescription meds.

Choosing the Most Suitable CBD Format

For reducing arthritis discomfort, CBD oils and treats work best.

CBD oils allow precise dosing and quick absorption when joint pain flares up. Full spectrum oils confer maximum benefits.

CBD treats provide steady joint support through CBD plus supplements like glucosamine and turmeric.

Always choose organic, third-party tested CBD products and follow your vet’s dosage guidelines.

Lifestyle Changes That Support Joint Health

While CBD confers major advantages, lifestyle adjustments can further aid arthritic dogs:

  • Weight management to reduce strain on joints
  • Joint-friendly diet – omega-3s, glucosamine
  • Low-impact exercise like swimming
  • Massage to increase mobility
  • Physical therapy to build muscle strength
  • Acupuncture to relieve pain
  • Orthopedic bedding for comfort
  • Keeping nails trimmed to support stance

A combination approach works best for overall joint health.

Let CBD Give Your Dog’s Arthritis the Paw

Seeing your once energetic companion slowed by osteoarthritis can be disheartening. But CBD offers a way to significantly relieve joint pain and get them moving comfortably again.

Talk to your vet about incorporating CBD into your arthritic dog’s regimen. Consistent use can lend their aching bones and joints a helping paw for more active, fulfilled golden years.


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