CBD and surgeryGoing under the knife can be scary for numerous reasons. Pain, inflammation, risk of infection, extended recovery times – they all contribute to surgical anxiety. This is where CBD may be able to help. Emerging research suggests CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties could support surgical patients both pre- and post-operation.

Let’s explore how CBD is being studied to supplement standard surgical treatment and ease the surgery experience from start to finish. Breathe deep and picture yourself sailing through surgery on a CBD cloud!

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Could CBD Ease Your Pre-Surgery Worries?

For many facing surgery, the sheer anticipation of being operated on can heighten unease, interfere with sleep, and generally create distress. By reducing anxiety and improving sleep, CBD may help calm pre-surgery jitters.

Reduces Anxiety

Multiple studies affirm CBD’s anti-anxiety benefits. By interacting with serotonin receptors and hippocampal neurogenesis, it can curb stress and worry [1]. Sipping CBD tea before bed could mean peaceful z’s instead of sleepless fretting.

Enhances Sleep

From being uncomfortable to worrying about surgery, poor pre-surgery sleep is common. CBD’s relaxing properties can make it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep in the nights leading up to your procedure.

Wards Off Infection

Research indicates CBD has antimicrobial benefits against drug-resistant bacteria like MRSA [2], providing immune defense in the pre-operation window when infections could delay surgery.

So by controlling anxiety, improving sleep, and providing antibacterial protection, CBD could make pre-surgery time much more bearable.

How CBD May Help During Surgery

Wouldn’t it be nice to float through surgery pain-free? CBD’s ability to reduce pain and inflammation while aiding anesthesia may make this a reality.

Reduces Pain and Swelling

CBD is well-established to relieve pain and inflammation through its effects on the endocannabinoid system and receptors like TRPV1 [3]. This could supplement anesthesia during the surgery itself.

Enhances Anesthesia

Studies indicate CBD may strengthen and prolong the effects of general anesthesia [4]. This synergistic effect with anesthetic drugs means doctors could potentially use lower doses.

Quickens Early Recovery

The anti-inflammatory power of CBD could help counteract post-surgery swelling for improved recovery right after operation.

Through these mechanisms of action, CBD has the potential to act as a valuable surgical aid all the way into the initial recovery phase.

How CBD May Facilitate Post-Surgery Healing

After surgery, CBD could help optimize the healing timeline through reducing typical post-op issues like pain, loss of appetite, swelling, and more to get you back on your feet faster.

Minimizes Pain

Soreness after surgery is par for the course. Yet CBD is proven to relieve acute and chronic pain [5] – the perfect remedy for post-surgical discomfort.

Increases Appetite

It’s common for surgery to suppress appetite just when nutrition is most vital for healing. CBD could counteract this, as research shows it enhances appetite [6].

Reduces Inflammation

By lowering systemic inflammation after surgery, CBD may quicken the healing process and minimize scar tissue formation.

Fights Infection

CBD demonstrates wide-ranging antimicrobial properties [7] that prevent post-surgical infections which could impede wound healing.

Eases Medication Side Effects

Finally, CBD can offset issues like constipation from narcotic pain relievers that slow recovery.

Through each of these therapeutic mechanisms, CBD has prospective to optimize healing following your operation.

Exactly How Could You Use CBD for Surgical Support?

If you’re considering using CBD to counter surgery-related concerns, here are some tips:

Ingest it – CBD oils, capsules, edibles and drinks can provide full-body therapeutic effects.

Apply it topically – CBD ointments, creams and balms target surgical sites for localized relief.

Time it strategically – Use CBD leading up to surgery for sleep and anxiety. Continue for pain and healing after.

Discuss with your doctor – Run CBD by your surgeon and anesthesiologist to ensure safety.

Start with low doses – Limit CBD initially after surgery until sedative effects wear off.

Stay consistent – Stick with your CBD protocol for the full recovery period.

Finally, always opt for high quality third party tested CBD from reputable brands to minimize risks.

While human studies are still in early phases, CBD stands out as an extremely promising option to make the surgery experience less daunting while optimizing surgical outcomes. Talk to your healthcare providers to see if adding CBD to your perioperative treatment protocol could be beneficial.

Here’s to smooth sailing through your next operation accompanied by healing vibes from CBD!