CBD Dog DosageCBD is all the rage for our furry friends these days. But with so many products out there, how the heck do you figure out the right dosage for your dog? You want your pup to get all the chill vibes from CBD without going overboard. Well, we’ve got you covered with CBD dosage guidelines tailored just for Fido.

Determining the best CBD dose for your doggo depends on their size and the issue you’re treating. Smaller pups need less than big boys and more serious problems may need a higher dose. We’ll walk through dosing by weight so your dog can lap up just the right amount.

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CBD Dosing by Dog Size

The weight of your fluffy friend should guide your CBD dosage. Here’s a handy chart for CBD newbies:

Doggo Weight Chihuahua Dose Beagle Dose Labrador Dose
0-25 lbs 2-4 mg 4-10 mg 10-12 mg
26-50 lbs 4-8 mg 6-15 mg 12-18 mg
51-75 lbs 6-12 mg 8-20 mg 18-25 mg
76-100 lbs 8-15 mg 10-25 mg 20-40 mg

Little guys can get by with less CBD compared to their big-boned buds. Start at the lower number and bump up the dose slowly until you find what suits your pup best.

Dosing Tips & Tricks

Follow these tips for finding your dog’s ideal CBD groove:

  • Go slow – increase the dose every few days
  • Give with food to boost absorption
  • Split dose into 2 servings
  • Track symptoms and adjust as needed
  • Consult your vet for guidance

Finding the perfect dose takes some patience as you tweak based on your dog’s reaction. But the payoff of seeing your pooch relaxed and comfy makes it so worth it!