CBD LubeCBD lube is gaining popularity as people explore the potential benefits of adding cannabis products to their self-care and intimacy routines. But is this trend just oversharing gone too far or a legitimate way to enhance sexual experiences? Let’s take a balanced look at the evidence.

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What is CBD Lube and How Does It Work?

CBD, short for cannabidiol, is a non-intoxicating compound derived from cannabis plants. CBD lube contains CBD oil mixed into a water or oil-based personal lubricant. The CBD absorbs into the skin to interact with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates functions like pain, inflammation, stress, and anxiety.

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause any “high” effect. However, it may create a relaxing and calming sensation. Proponents believe CBD lube enhances sex by reducing pain, increasing arousal, and intensifying orgasms. But more research is still needed on these effects.

Potential Benefits of CBD Lube

1. Increased Sensation and Comfort

CBD has gained popularity for pain relief and its anti-inflammatory properties. For women, CBD lube may increase comfort internally by relaxing vaginal muscles and reducing inflammation. This allows for easier penetration and sexual stimulation. The same properties can decrease anal discomfort and tightness during anal sex for enhanced pleasure.

2. Longer Lasting Natural Lubrication

Some women struggle with vaginal dryness causing discomfort, irritation, and decreased satisfaction. As a vaginal moisturizer, CBD lube mimics natural lubrication for long-lasting comfort during sex without parabens, glycerin, or other harsh chemicals. The hydrating oils may also protect delicate vaginal tissue.

3. Decreased Sexual Anxiety

Anxiety and stress is a huge barrier to letting go and being present during intimate moments. For women prone to sexual anxiety or previously uncomfortable sexual encounters, CBD can potentially take the edge off and reduce inhibition. Lower anxiety may lead to improved ability to climax.

4. Increased Arousal

Some early studies and plenty of anecdotal evidence suggests CBD may act as a vasodilator, increasing blood flow to genital areas upon topical application. This improves genital sensitivity and arousal, especially important for women as sexual response highly depends on mental and physical relaxation.

5. More Intense Orgasms

By relaxing smooth muscle tissue, blocking pain, and reducing anxiety, CBD is theorized to allow women to fully let go and experience more powerful orgasmic pleasure. Those struggling to orgasm or experience one at a time may find it easier to climax multiple times with CBD enhancement.

Is It Just Hype? Potential Concerns About CBD Lube

Before rushing off to buy CBD lube, let’s review a few potential drawbacks and realities:

  • Lack of Research – Very limited clinical research exists studying CBD lube specifically for sexual functioning and pleasure. Right now, touted benefits rely largely on anecdotal evidence. The placebo effect could also be strong when using CBD as a sexual enhancer.
  • Not Regulated by FDA – No CBD products, including lube, are currently regulated by the FDA. Quality, safety, and labeling accuracy can vary widely in unregulated products. Third-party lab testing is important to verify purity.
  • Individual Results Will Vary – Every woman’s endocannabinoid system and sexual functioning differs. CBD lube may work wonders for some, but do little for others. Managing expectations is key and not putting pressure on CBD as a “miracle” for your sex life.
  • Interactions With Latex – CBD oil can break down latex. Those using condoms or other latex barriers for birth control or STI protection should verify the CBD lube they choose is latex compatible. Oil-based lube in general is higher risk with latex.
  • Potential Allergic Reactions – Those with plant allergies, especially to cannabis or hemp, may be prone to allergic reactions to topical CBD, even anaphylaxis for a small number. Doing a patch test before applying CBD lube is wise.

Trying CBD Lube – Dos and Don’ts

If you want to give CBD lube a go, here are some best practices:

  • Start Low – Begin with a product containing less than 100mg per bottle and increase strength slowly as needed. Use sparingly at first.
  • Talk to Your Doctor – Discuss trying CBD lube with your gynecologist, especially if taking any medications to review interactions.
  • Spot Test – Apply a dime size amount on your arm and wait 24 hours to check for any redness or negative reaction before full use.
  • Use High Quality Products – Research manufacturers thoroughly and only buy from those who share third party lab test results. Look for organically grown CBD extracted safely with CO2 or food-grade ethanol.
  • Give it Time – It may take a few applications to experience benefits, as CBD can take over an hour to set in. Be patient and consistent.
  • Use Water-Based If Using Latex – Oil-based CBD lubes increase chances of latex breakage. Stick to water-based products if using condoms.
  • Avoid Numbed Pleasure – While CBD can reduce discomfort, you still want to feel sensation. Use the minimum amount needed.
  • Communicate With Your Partner – Share your experiences openly with your partner and align on hopes for adding CBD lube to intimacy.
  • Don’t Make It a Cure-All – CBD lube may enhance pleasure but won’t fix deeper issues affecting your sex life or relationship. Have realistic expectations.

The Bottom Line on CBD Lube

The verdict is still out on CBD lube with more research needed. While curiosity and anecdotal reports are driving sales, individuals should proceed with caution until clinical studies substantiate benefits. That said, for couples aiming to reduce sexual discomfort and increase satisfaction, CBD lubricant may be worth exploring when used properly. Open communication and managing expectations are key in any attempts to enhance intimacy.

Rather than jumping on the hype train, have thoughtful conversations with your gynecologist and partner about whether CBD lube could be right for your needs. Take it slowly, choose high quality products, use safe practices, and give it enough time to evaluate the effects. CBD lubricant could end up being a game changer for your sexual happiness, but it should be seen as an add-on to, not a replacement for, a healthy relationship built on trust and understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is CBD lube legal?

A: In most U.S. states, CBD lube is legal as it contains CBD derived from legal hemp plants. However, always check your local laws, as some states restrict CBD products.

Q: Can you get high using CBD lube?

A: No, CBD products contain little to no THC, so CBD lube will not cause any intoxicating effects.

Q: How long does CBD lube last?

A: Effects vary by individual and product quality, but most experience 1-3 hours of relief from a single application of CBD lube. Reapply as desired.

Q: Is CBD lube safe to ingest?

A: CBD lube products are designed for topical use. While small amounts of ingestion shouldn’t cause issues, it has not been tested for oral consumption. Avoid ingesting large quantities.

Q: Can men benefit from using CBD lube?

A: While CBD lube is primarily marketed to women, some men use it to enhance sensation. CBD may increase blood flow for improved erections. However, more research is still needed.