CBD and your dog's jointsIs your once lively pup slowing down and struggling to get around? Stiff, achy joints may be to blame. But before you chalk it up to old age, consider trying CBD.

CBD (cannabidiol) has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can provide relief to dogs suffering from joint pain and arthritis. Keep reading to learn how a joint venture with CBD could get your dog moving with ease again.

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Factors That Contribute to Joint Pain in Dogs

Joint pain in dogs has many causes, including:

  • Arthritis: Osteoarthritis from wear and tear is the most common source of joint pain, especially in older dogs.
  • Injuries: ACL tears, hip dysplasia, and other injuries can damage joints over time.
  • Obesity: Excess weight puts more pressure on joints and causes inflammation.
  • Genetics: Some breeds like Labrador Retrievers are prone to joint issues.
  • Illness: Diseases like Lyme disease can cause inflammatory joint pain.

No matter the cause, the result is stiff, achy joints that make movement difficult and painful. Luckily, CBD could help provide some relief.

How Can CBD Ease Joint Pain in Dogs?

The compounds in CBD interact with the endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation and pain. Specifically, CBD may help joint pain by:

  • Reducing inflammation: CBD stabilizes white blood cell function and suppresses inflammatory proteins.
  • Relieving pain: CBD activates pain-numbing receptors and raises pain tolerance.
  • Slowing cartilage loss: Powerful antioxidants in CBD may protect cartilage and slow degeneration.
  • Decreasing stiffness: CBD increases mobility by lubricating joints and relaxing stiff muscles.

Research also shows CBD has no major side effects and is non-toxic, making it a safer alternative to prescription meds.

Choosing a CBD Product for Dog Joint Pain

CBD for pets comes in many forms. For treating joint issues, CBD oils and treats tend to work best.

CBD oils allow for precise dosage control and fast effect. Look for organic, full spectrum oils with MCT carrier oil for pain relief.

CBD treats provide convenient joint support by combining CBD with glucosamine, turmeric, MSM and other joint-friendly ingredients.

No matter which form you choose, always buy from a reputable company that provides third-party testing. Dosing is key, so consult your vet on the amount that’s right for your pup.

Lifestyle Changes That Can Further Ease Joint Pain

While CBD can provide significant relief from joint pain, combining it with certain lifestyle changes can have even greater benefits:

  • Weight management: Keeping your dog at a healthy weight reduces strain on joints.
  • Exercise: Low-impact exercise like swimming keeps joints mobile and muscles strong.
  • Massage: Gently massaging sore joints increases blood flow and reduces stiffness.
  • Joint supplements: Glucosamine, chondroitin, turmeric and omega-3s support joint health.
  • Physical therapy: Working with a canine PT utilizes stretches, exercises, and other techniques to improve mobility.
  • Acupuncture: Studies show acupuncture decreases joint pain and improves function in arthritic dogs.
  • Cold/heat therapy: Alternating cold packs and heat pads can relieve sore joints.
  • Supportive gear: Braces, harnesses, ramps and grip socks make movement easier.

A multifaceted approach works best for maximizing your dog’s joint health and comfort.

The Outlook for Dogs With Joint Issues

If your once energetic pup seems stiff and sore, don’t assume it’s just old age. CBD could provide the joint relief they need to get back on their paws. Talk to your vet about incorporating CBD and other joint-friendly options into your dog’s routine for the best chances of improving their mobility and quality of life.

While joint degeneration can’t be reversed, with thoughtful care and CBD your dog can continue to enjoy plenty of happy, active years by your side. It’s never too late to help old dogs learn new pain-free tricks!


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