CBD Gummies Dosage

CBD gummies have soared in popularity thanks to their delicious flavors and fun form factor. But with all the options on the market, how do you know how much CBD is right for you? Unlike a tincture where you control the dose, gummies contain a set amount of CBD per piece. So choosing the optimal gummy dosage is key.

Here’s what to consider when finding your perfect dose of CBD in gummy form.

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Factors That Influence Your Ideal CBD Gummies Dosage

Your individual dosage needs vary based on:

Your body weight – Larger individuals often require more CBD to feel effects.

Desired effects – Those seeking more intense effects may prefer a higher dosage than people wanting only mild effects.

Tolerance – With consistent use, your body can become tolerant to CBD, needing a higher dose.

Strength of gummy – Lower vs higher CBD concentrations per gummy impact dosage needs.

Delivery method – Transdermal and sublingual CBD is absorbed better than oral, requiring a lower dose.

Genetics – Genetic differences influence how people metabolize and respond to CBD.

Product quality – Higher-quality CBD is more readily absorbed in smaller doses.

CBD Gummies Dosage Chart Based on Strength

One factor determining optimal CBD gummies dosage is the total CBD concentration in the gummies themselves. Here is a dosage chart based on milligrams of CBD per gummy:

CBD per GummyDosage Range
5mg per gummyTake 1-2 gummies as needed
10mg per gummyTake 1 gummy as needed
15mg per gummyTake 1 gummy in morning and 1 gummy at night
20mg per gummyTake 1-2 gummies as needed
25mg per gummyTake 1 gummy in morning and 1 gummy at night
30mg per gummyTake 1 gummy in morning and 1 gummy at night
40mg per gummyTake 1 gummy once daily
50mg per gummyTake 1 gummy every other day

How to Find Your Personal CBD Gummies Dose

Here are some tips for zeroing in on your optimal dose of CBD gummies:

Start low – Begin with just one 5 or 10mg CBD gummy and wait 2-4 hours to assess effects before increasing your dose as needed.

Split doses – Take gummies in smaller doses 2-3 times over the day rather than one large dose for more consistent effects.

Be consistent – Stick with your dosage for a full week before adjusting up or down to gauge potency.

Monitor results – Keep a journal tracking your dosage, timing, and symptoms to optimize your regimen.

Increase slowly – Increase your gummy dose by only 5-10mg increments over several weeks to find the least effective dose.

Avoid cost-cutting – Cheaper low-quality CBD requires higher gummy doses, increasing potential side effects.

Should You Use CBD Gummies?

While CBD oils and tinctures may offer more dosing flexibility, gummies provide precise doses in a fun form. Their set doses take the guesswork out of finding your sweet spot. Just select your desired milligram-per-gummy strength and tweak your total daily amount based on your needs and sensitivity.

Gummies’ enjoyable flavors and portability also makes consistent daily dosing easy. However, the lower absorption compared to sublingual CBD means gummies may require overall higher milligram doses.

No matter which CBD format you choose, following the above dosing guidance will help you gain the wellness boost you seek with minimal risk of side effects – and enjoy the process!