CBD and yoga

Between breathing deeply, holding challenging poses, and quieting your mind, yoga requires immense focus. With so many distractions and discomforts that can disrupt your flow, maximizing your practice takes work. What if adding CBD into the mix could help deepen your practice and find focus?

Let’s unravel the ways CBD may turn an average yoga session into a transformative mind-body experience. Unroll your mat and get ready to achieve a whole new state of yogic bliss!

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Challenges CBD May Help Yogis Overcome

Yoga aims to unite mind, body and spirit. Common obstacles that disrupt this goal include:

Physical Discomfort – Stiffness, soreness, and pain from forcing the body into poses can divert focus. CBD’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties may ease these sensations.

Racing Thoughts – A busy mind distracted by constant thoughts destroys mindfulness. CBD may calm the chatter and heighten presence.

Stress and Anxiety – Worries and tension accumulate in the mind and muscles during practice. CBD is shown to alleviate anxiety.

Low Energy – Lethargy and fatigue prevent powering through a sequence. CBD may provide a gentle energy boost to increase stamina.

Restlessness – Fidgeting and constant adjustments break concentration. CBD appears to reduce restlessness.

With its ability to target these common issues, CBD could take your practice to the next level!

How to Use CBD to Enhance Your Yoga Session

Strategically integrating CBD into your routine may amplify benefits:

Ingest Oil – Take CBD oil sublingually 30-60 minutes before your practice for whole-body effects as you flow.

Eat Edibles – CBD gummies or snacks 1-2 hours before give sustained energy and relief.

Use Topicals – Apply CBD balms to sore spots just prior to begin stretching those areas.

Add to Lotions – Mix CBD oil into your favorite lotion to massage onto tight muscles afterward.

Try Tinctures – Place CBD under the tongue after class to unwind your mind.

Vape CBD – Inhale relaxing, clarifying CBD vape puffs before settling in to meditate.

Find your ideal method and timing to target total zen!

Lifestyle Strategies That Complement CBD’s Effects

To further enhance your yoga experience:

  • Hydrate well to avoid dehydration-induced headaches or dizziness.
  • Eat a light, protein-rich meal 1-2 hours pre-yoga for sustained energy.
  • Stick to a consistent practice schedule to build mindfulness.
  • Arrive early to sit in stillness and set your intention.
  • Maintain focus on your breath and release distracting thoughts.
  • Hold stretches just beyond comfort to release endorphins.
  • Close your eyes during balance poses to improve proprioception.
  • Savor relaxation during Savasana rather than letting your mind wander.

Harmony emerges from combining CBD’s therapeutic touch with dedicated practice. Blend and bend to new heights!

Is CBD Right for Your Yoga Sessions?

Ask yourself:

  • Do you want to sink deeper into poses and mindfulness?
  • Could you benefit from relief from aches, pains and nervous thoughts?
  • Are you seeking a natural enhancement without altered states?
  • Would having an additional tool to find your flow feel empowering?

If you answered yes, adding CBD could help overcome obstacles holding back your practice. Let CBD magnify yoga’s mind-body gifts!

While yoga takes dedication, CBD may provide that extra unlock to finally achieving the full presence, peace of mind, and physical fluidity you crave from practice. From your first sun salutation to Savasana, see if the synergy between CBD and yoga helps you find new meaning in moving meditation.


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