Hey there, folks! Today, we’re going to share a heartwarming story about a young girl named Katie and how CBD oil, a derivative of the marijuana plant, dramatically changed her life.

The Backstory

epidiolexBefore medical marijuana was legal in Oklahoma, parents of children suffering from a severe seizure condition known as Dravet syndrome were lobbying the legislature to approve the use of CBD oil. This is where we first meet Katie. At just 10 years old, she was experiencing a seizure a week, was mostly non-verbal, confined to a wheelchair, and on six medications, including opioids and one that could have led to liver failure at any moment.

Katie’s mother, Kelli Dodson, recalls, “They were destroying her organs.” The family was determined to convince the Oklahoma legislature to allow Katie and other children like her to use CBD oil, a non-psychoactive derivative of the cannabis plant.

The Fight for CBD Oil

Katie’s uncle, Jon Echols, was a freshman state representative and a conservative Republican when he took up a cause that his consultants and advisors labeled as political suicide. But for Echols, the risk was worth it. He was moved by his brother and sister’s struggle to help Katie and wanted to do something to help her and other children in need.

The family’s efforts, along with the testimony of doctors, convinced lawmakers to pass the bill. In April 2015, Governor Fallin personally called Katie’s mom and delivered the news they had been praying for. The bill, known as the Katie and Carmen Bill, was signed into law.

The Impact of CBD Oil

Fast forward nine years, and Katie’s life has transformed. She’s out of her wheelchair, graduated high school, and even works at her school store. She’s full of smiles, laughter, and even flirts a bit. Family vacations and beach trips, once a dream, are now a reality.

The seizures that once dominated their lives have decreased to maybe twice a year. “I don’t think she’s had one this entire year,” said Kelli. Katie herself has noticed a difference, stating, “I used to have all these thoughts in my head but instead of keeping them in there I get to actually say what I want.”

The Ripple Effect

The law passed in Oklahoma legalizing CBD oil was the first of its kind in the country, and other states followed suit. According to Katie’s doctor, almost all kids in the country with Dravet’s syndrome have now tried it to help with their seizures. While not all patients will see the success that Katie has, it does provide them with another option.

Today, there’s an FDA-approved version of the oil called Epidiolex. It was the first approved drug derived from marijuana and the first approved for patients with Dravet syndrome. Katie is now only on three medications and no longer on the opioids and dangerous drugs that were harming her body. Her parents are convinced that the oil saved her life.

The CBD Blaze Take

Stories like Shelby’s inspire me and demonstrate CBD’s transformative potential. While more clinical research is still needed, anecdotal cases like this offer hope to those suffering from treatment-resistant conditions. It shows the power of nature, and highlights why restricting cannabis compounds is so misguided.

CBD provides a gentle, plant-based option to explore for those seeking alternatives to drugs with intense side effects. And for certain patients like Shelby, it can have life-altering benefits beyond what conventional medicine offers. Her success story further validates CBD as a safe, effective treatment deserving acceptance.

Check out Shelby’s full story in the original News on 6 article at https://www.newson6.com/story/64b8a9185d6d3207ae60b23a/trailblazing-a-treatment:-how-cbd-oil-changed-more-than-one-girls-life.