CBD and wisdom tooth painThat telltale throbbing from emerging wisdom teeth can make you feel anything but wise. While wisdom tooth pain is often temporary, it can be quite disruptive and uncomfortable until those sneaky molars fully erupt. Before resigning yourself to just “grinning and bearing it,” consider this – could CBD provide some pain-freeing wisdom of its own for this dental dilemma?

Let’s investigate how CBD could help you keep your cool through wisdom tooth troubles. Soon you’ll be smiling wide as those bothersome teeth make their appearance!

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Why Wisdom Teeth Cause Pain

Also known as third molars, these large rear teeth become problematic when they only partially emerge or grow in at odd angles, unable to fully break through your gums. The resulting inflammation and compression triggers that pulsing wisdom tooth pain making it oh so hard to simply relax and Namaslay.

The causes of this disruptive discomfort include:

  • Pressure on surrounding teeth and bone
  • Stretching of the gums
  • Entrapped nerves and blood vessels
  • Swelling of tissue flaps
  • Jaw strain from widening to accommodate

Ouch, no wonder they call it wisdom tooth pain rather than wisdom tooth pleasure. Time to see if CBD can make the situation more bearable.

How CBD May Help With Wisdom Tooth Pain

With wisdom emerging about CBD’s anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving abilities, it makes sense it could offer some relief by addressing the causes of wisdom tooth pain:

Reduces Inflammation – CBD can calm swelling and inflammation in the gums and jaw tissue through several mechanisms.

Eases Nerve PainCBD may act on TRPV1 receptors involved in pain signaling to minimize sensitive nerve irritation.

Relaxes Jaw Muscles – The muscle relaxing properties of CBD could relieve spasms and tension in the jaw.

Improves Sleep – More restful sleep provides recovery time for healing tissues. CBD can support sleep.

So while CBD won’t accelerate the teething process, it could make the painful symptoms much less excruciating.

Choosing Your CBD Delivery Method

To maximize CBD’s benefits for mouths of wisdom, consider these usage tips:

Sublingual oils – Fast broad-spectrum relief that can treat whole-body factors like sleep, anxiety, inflammation.

Topicals and gels – Rubbing CBD balms on the cheeks and jaw targets the source for rapid localized relief.

Edibles – Gummies and candies deliver a slower but steady CBD release, along with the joy of something to chew on softly!

Time dosing carefully – Take CBD about 30-60 minutes before peak pain is expected for optimal effects.

No matter which products you choose, following package dosing guidelines and starting low is wise.

Lifestyle Measures That Complement CBD

While CBD tackles pain directly, some non-pharmacological tips may also lend wisdom:

Cold compresses – Icing reduces swelling and numbs pain receptors.

Soft foods – Avoid chewing on the sore side and stick to soups, smoothies, and mashed potatoes.

Salt water rinses – Gargling with salt water keeps the area clean.

Stress management – Relaxation practices like massage or meditation help manage pain.

Proper posture – Keeping good posture reduces jaw strain until teeth fully emerge.

See a dentist – If wisdom teeth are severely impacted, talk to your dentist about removal. CBD can still help post-procedure!

So don’t despair. With CBD and a few lifestyle tips, you’ll keep your cool through even the craziest case of crooked, bothersome wisdom teeth.