Today I’m pulling back the curtain on the Strainz CBD Oil in a kicky Mint Flavor. This isn’t just a review, it’s a joyride through the exhilarating world of this 300mg CBD oil.

Picture this: full spectrum CBD oil lovingly extracted from plants that grew up basking in organic sunshine. But this ain’t your everyday CBD. Oh no, it’s a jamboree of cannabinoids like CBN and CBG that strut their stuff, bringing about the entourage effect that ramps up the therapeutic goodness of CBD. It’s like a wellness party, and you’re on the VIP list.

Did I mention it has a dropper so easy to use, it’s practically child’s play? Plus, with a burst of refreshing mint, it’s a flavorful twist on your CBD journey. Whether you’re a lone ranger or you like to mix things up in your food and drinks, this oil is your perfect partner.

And here’s the icing on the cake: it’s all-American, has a no-nonsense approach to GMOs, and has been put through the purity wringer. So, if safety and effectiveness are the names of your CBD game, then folks, the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor might just be your perfect match. Give it a whirl; you won’t be disappointed!

Strainz CBD 300 Mint

  • Taste - 97%
  • Potency - 94%
  • Value - 94%
CBD Blaze Rating

Features and Benefits

The Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor is a full spectrum CBD oil derived from organically grown plants. It contains a comprehensive blend of cannabinoids, including Cannabinol (CBN), Cannabigerol (CBG), and trace amounts of THC, compliant with federal regulations of 0.3% or less. This unique combination of cannabinoids creates a synergistic effect known as the “entourage effect,” which enhances the therapeutic benefits of CBD.

Enhanced Therapeutic Benefits

By utilizing the full spectrum of cannabinoids, the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor offers enhanced therapeutic benefits compared to products that solely contain CBD isolate. The entourage effect allows for a more comprehensive and effective CBD experience, providing potential relief from various ailments such as anxiety, pain, and inflammation.

Easy-to-Use Dropper

The Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor comes with an easy-to-use 1ml dropper, allowing for consistent and accurate dosing. This feature ensures that you can easily adjust your CBD intake according to your specific needs. The dropper also minimizes wastage, making the product last longer and providing better value for your money.

Refreshing Mint Flavor

One of the standout features of the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor is its refreshing minty taste. Unlike other CBD oils that can have an earthy or bitter flavor, this product offers a pleasant and invigorating twist on your CBD experience. Whether taken alone or added to your favorite food and drinks, the mint flavor enhances the overall enjoyment of using CBD.

Strainz CBD Dosing Chart

Ways to Use It

The versatility of the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor allows for various usage options. Here are a few examples:

Sublingual Administration

To experience the full benefits of CBD, you can take the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor sublingually (under the tongue). Simply use the dropper to place a few drops of the oil under your tongue and hold it there for about 60 seconds before swallowing. This method allows for quick absorption into the bloodstream, providing faster relief.

Adding to Food and Drinks

For those who prefer a more discreet way of consuming CBD, you can easily incorporate the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor into your favorite food and drinks. Whether it’s adding a few drops to your morning smoothie or mixing it into your salad dressing, this product seamlessly integrates into your daily routine.

Topical Application

In addition to oral consumption, the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor can also be applied topically to address specific areas of concern. Whether you’re targeting joint pain or skin conditions, simply apply a small amount of the oil to the affected area and gently massage it into the skin. This method allows for localized relief and soothing effects.

Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor (300mg) Review

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Product Specifications

To provide a clear understanding of the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor, here are its specifications:

Product Specifications 
Bottle Size30mL
CBD Content300mg
Active Cannabinoids per Serving10mg
Made inUSA
GMO StatusNon-GMO
Lab TestedYes

Who Is It For

The Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor is suitable for individuals seeking a natural and holistic approach to managing various health concerns. It can benefit:

  • Those looking for relief from anxiety and stress.
  • Individuals suffering from chronic pain and inflammation.
  • People who struggle with sleep-related issues.
  • Those seeking an alternative to traditional medications with unwanted side effects.


Pros and Cons

To provide a balanced review, here are the pros and cons of the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor:


  • Full spectrum CBD oil for enhanced therapeutic benefits.
  • Refreshing mint flavor.
  • Easy-to-use dropper for accurate dosing.
  • Versatile usage options.
  • Made from organically grown plants and laboratory tested for purity.
  • Compliant with federal regulations for THC content.


  • Limited flavor options (only available in mint flavor).
  • Only available in a 300mg CBD concentration.


  1. Is the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor legal?

    • Yes, this product contains trace amounts of THC compliant with federal regulations of 0.3% or less, making it legal for sale and consumption.
  2. Will I experience any psychoactive effects?

    • No, the negligible amount of THC in the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor will not induce any psychoactive effects commonly associated with marijuana.
  3. How long does it take to experience the effects?

    • The onset and duration of the effects vary from person to person. Generally, it is recommended to allow a few days to a week of consistent use to assess the product’s effectiveness.

Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor (300mg) Review

What Customers Are Saying

Customers who have tried the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor have reported positive experiences, praising its efficacy and refreshing flavor. Many have found relief from chronic pain, anxiety, and sleep issues. The ease of use and accurate dosing provided by the dropper were also highly appreciated.

Overall Value

Considering its high-quality ingredients, effectiveness, and versatility, the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor offers excellent overall value. Priced competitively, it provides a cost-effective solution for individuals seeking the potential therapeutic benefits of CBD.


Tips and Tricks For Best Results

To optimize your experience with the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor, here are a few tips and tricks:

  • Start with a lower dosage and gradually increase as needed.
  • Consistency is key. Incorporate CBD into your daily routine for optimal results.
  • Store the oil in a cool, dry place to maintain its potency.
  • Consult with a healthcare professional if you have any specific concerns or medical conditions before starting CBD use.


In conclusion, the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor (300mg) is a comprehensive and high-quality CBD product that offers a range of potential therapeutic benefits. With its natural mint flavor, versatile usage options, and overall value, it is an excellent choice for individuals seeking a safe and effective CBD oil. Experience the benefits of Strainz CBD today and embark on a journey towards improved well-being.

Product Summary

The Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor (300mg) is a full spectrum CBD oil derived from organically grown plants. It offers enhanced therapeutic benefits through the entourage effect, has an easy-to-use dropper, and a refreshing mint flavor. Made in the USA and laboratory tested for purity, it provides a safe and effective CBD experience.

Final Recommendation

Based on my personal experience and the positive feedback from customers, I highly recommend the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor (300mg). Its effectiveness, versatility, and overall value make it an excellent choice for those seeking natural relief from various ailments. Embrace the potential benefits of CBD with the Strainz CBD Oil Mint Flavor and prioritize your well-being today.